Michael's Maintenance Service Commercial/Residential Lawncare
    Michael's Maintenance ServiceCommercial/Residential Lawncare


Lawn Care Maintenance

  • Remove all debris, sticks, cones, paper, ect. from yard and flowerbeds
  • Mow grass, bag as needed
  • Edge all flower beds, walkways, driveways, and curbing.
  • Blow debris from walkways, patio, carport, curbing, and street in front of home or business.
  • Clean roofs and gutters of bulidup of straw and leaves.

Landscaping Services

Flower Beds:
  • Prune and shape shrubs and low hanging tree limbs.
  • Remove old bedding materials, pull and or spray for weeds.
  • Install new colored or plain wooded cypress mulch or straw.
  • Fertilize shrubs and lawns during year.
  • Lawn and shrub spraying (sub-contracted for best price)
  • Irrigation time clocks changed or serviced.

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